My vision for commercial photography is simple: To create dynamic, artistic images that speak for my clients. By using mainly natural light techniques, I create imagery that retains a natural, realistic feeling.


What I enjoy most about photographing architecture is working with the beautiful lines, texture and play of light in a space. I enjoy the challenge of finding the best angle and perspective that will allow me to photograph the space as creatively as possible.

Through the use of natural and available light and advanced post-processing techniques, I am able to work quickly while on site without a lot of disruption to the people inhabiting the spaces I photograph and capture images that retain more of the real feeing of the space.

marketing & editorial

Quality photos can make or break a printed piece like a brochure, advertisement, or web site. I can work with you to photograph various aspects of your company and culture in a way that communicates quality and credibility. I also offer professional design services and can be your one-stop for both photography and design.

I am also available for editorial assignments for magazines or newspapers.

corporate portraits

My approach to corporate portraits is unique. Instead of working in a studio environment with strobe lighting and mottled backgrounds, I work on-location using natural light and everyday environments. Using natural light and a minimal setup helps people to feel comfortable and look natural in front of the camera, allowing me to create relaxed portraits and capture the true essence of a person.


Pricing is based on how long the photo session will last and how the photos will be used by the client. Please contact me for a free quote.

unique, wedding and family photography

For information on unique, wedding or family photos, please contact me.

I love design and enjoy all types; from a simple, well thought out can opener, to a multi-million dollar expansion. Also, I am a big fan of simplistic design. I live and work mainly in the metro Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  I attended OSU for photography and was classically trained in film. I made the complete switch to digital format a few years ago. I can and will travel if the shoot calls for it. I tend to try and stay out of the studio, I enjoy being able to bring the studio to you.

For any questions contact me via phone or email.


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